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After the recently successful C295W tour in North America, Airbus Defence and Space has now taken C295 on tour through Africa from 9-25 September and in collaboration with the Portuguese Air Force. The aircraft will also be present at Africa Aerospace and Defence Airshow from 14-16 sept, so stay tuned for more information!

About C295

C295 Maritime Patrol is the most proven and reliable aircraft in its segment, staying on station for more than 10 hours conducting maritime and overland surveillance with the most advanced sensors and the Fully Integrated Tactical System (FITS).

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C295W Departure African TourDay 1

C295 departing from Montijo (Portugal) heading Praia (Cape Verde)!




c295 arrives to Cape VerdeDay 2

A fully load C295 arrives to Cape Verde after a 7h45 mins flight, +1,600nm and 1 tonne of fuel remaining. 




C295 arrives to Accra (Ghana)Day 3

After a 8h25 mints flight, C295 arrives to Accra (Ghana)  at long range cruise over 1,800nm with ‎full fuel onboard and arriving with one tonne of remaining fuel. 




C295 African TourDay 4

C295 carries out a 2h15min demonstration flight in Luanda (Angola), patrolling the North of Angola, where the offshore oil stations are located close to the border with Congo. Pictures of the event to come, so stay tuned!




TwitterADDExpoDay 5, 6 and 7 

 C295 is at AFRICA AEROSPACE AND DEFENCE (AAD) exhibition in South Africa, where the aircraft keeps recieving visits from many delegations interested in the aircraft, such as South Africa and Malawi among others.  M ore info on the airshow here!





C295 African TourDay 8

C295 concludes 3-day AAD exhibition with a successful demo flight with the South African Air Force (SAAF), taking-off from AAD at Waterkloof Air Force Base. Flight duration was around 3 hours, with 1 hour flight at 1,500 ft AGL to the Mozambique Channel performing ground surveillance, 45 minutes over water performing maritime surveillance and finally returning to the base at FL150 with a low pass over the runway. 




Moz0001Day 9

C295 visits Mozambique Air Force.

More pictures to come, stay tuned!




Tanzania2Day 10

From Maputo (Mozambique) to Dar es Salaam (Tanzania)! C295 arrives at sunset after a 5h30min of flight.

Next destination: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia!






DAY 11, 12

Last days of C295WAfricanTour, and C295 arrives at Ethiopia where crew meets Ethiopian Air Force.




C295 African Tour

Day 13, 14

Long day for C295 crew. Aircraft takes off at 11:00 local time, with 20.5t at ISA+23 at 7,600 ft, with 4 t of fuel. 4h15min later lands in Jeddah, with a remaining of 1,350 kg of fuel. After another 5h20min and almost 1,000 nm C295 lands in Cyprus.

Next Destination: Malta!




IMG_20160909_09154Last Day of Tour

C295 makes a short stop in Malta after 4h15min flight and +900 nm, and returns to Montijo (Portugal), having achieved around 67 flight hours and more than 14,000 nm along the tour.



Big thanks to Portuguese Air Force crew for the support on this C295WAfricanTour!



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