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C295W Canada FWSAR Program

Canada welcomes C295W

With Airbus Defence and Space´s C295W, Canada will benefit immediately coast to coast.

Canadian search and rescue (SAR) crews put their lives on the line every day, relying on their aircraft to deal with extremes of weather and terrain in the course of their duties. From demanding mountain contour search, Arctic and North Atlantic storms, to extremes of temperature, icing and precipitation, the requirements for a SAR aircraft have been well-documented. In the face of a SAR emergency, crews will face pressure to launch even when conditions are beyond the limits of their aircraft. This situation need not occur anymore now that Canada has selected C295W for its Fixed-Wing Search and Rescue Program.

The C295’s 41-ft.-long cabin is the largest in its class, providing room for sensor and mission systems, plus crew rest and preparation areas.

With its ability to accommodate the most sophisticated sensors, Airbus Defence and Space’s C295 is ideal for search and rescue missions (SAR) both day and night, and during all weather conditions.


C295 SAR mission


Search radar

  • Multi-mode radar for detection, localisation, classification, and tracking of targets over water and land – all weather, day or night
  • Maximum range of 200 nm. Tracking +100 surface targets while scanning


  • Ocean-going fishing vessels or merchant ships between 80-200 nm
  • Small craft or inflatable boats up to 35 nm
  • SAR mode provides the capability of distinguishing and recognising ground contacts


  • Localisation, tracking and identification of targets through thermal or visual detection – adverse weather, day or night
  • Detects small ships up to 20 nm distance, humans up to 8 nm distance
  • EO/IR with auto-scan, auto-lock and auto-tracking


Automatic Identification System (AIS)

  • Capability to identify and locate ships, aircraft, land bases and navigational aids equipped with AIS transponders
  • Fully integrated with FITS
  • Ship data provided: position, actitude, dimensions, destination, ship name, MMSI and call sign.
  • TX/RX text messages capability.

Canada is the 25th country which is happy to welcome C295W

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