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C295W North American Tour



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After the successful C295W tour through Latin America last year, Airbus Defence and Space has now taken C295W on tour through North America, in collaboration with the Mexican Air Force. From 18-29 June it will expose the C295W to the region´s diverse weather conditions to demonstrate again its robustness, reliability and its versatility.

Latest news and regular updates on the tour will be shared, so stay tuned!

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Being able to operate to and from short or unprepared airstrips, the C295W is used for tactical transport of troops and the required logistic supplies (water, food, ammunition, medical supplies, and spare parts) from the main operating base to forward bases, and among forward locations which are not accessible to current heavier aircraft. Its excellent performance in hot and high conditions, demonstrates the C295W’s status as the most efficient aircraft in its category.

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C295W starts its North American Tour taking off from Santa Lucia (Mexico) to Ensenada (Mexico) where it makes a short refuelling stop before its next destination: Canada. Duration of this C295W flight from Mexico to Saskatoon (Canada): 6h30

Check out some pictures and videos at the Multimedia Gallery !



C295W arrives to Saskatoon (Canada). The tour touchdowns in Saskatoon marking the first time a C295W has been flown in Saskatchewan airspace. Once in Saskatoon, C295W travels to Prince Albert for paratroop and STOL demonstrations.


C295W North American Tour Yellowknife

Another day for C295W on tour! While in Prince Albert, a flight demo takes place including 11 skydivers jumping from 14,000 feet. STOL and unpaved landing is demonstrated on a grass strip located at the PA airport. After a long and succesful day, C295W heads North to Yellowknife!

Pictures and videos of the demo flights at the galleries!


C295W North American Tour

C295W arrives to Resolute Bay, one of the most remote communities in Canada. Airbus crew and Mexican Air Force commemorate 25 anniversary of CN235 cold weather testing in the region.

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C295W North American Tour


Next destination of C295W.... Churchill. Short stop for our tour crew and some nice pictures taken.  Check them out!



C295W North American tour

And the longest day of the Tour! C295W visits Thunder Bay, Pickle Lake and Kasabonika (3500ft gravel strip). C295W performs demonstrations in Pickle Lake including a short impressive landing with a very good reception. 

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C295W at Winnipeg

C295W and the crew finally arrive to Winnipeg after a very long day! Having left Churchill at 6:30 and arriving in Winnipeg at 23:30 eastern time, with stops in Thunder Bay, Pickle Lake and Kasabonika in between. In Winnipeg Airbus Defence and Space markes the conclusion of a demonstration tour of the C295W to communities in Western and Northern Canada.

Following its Canadian tour, the aircraft continues to stops in the United States before returning to Mexico.  


After 10 days of tour, C295W returns to Mexico. Demonstrations along the different stops in North American territory have included short take off and landing on unpaved runways, paratroop drops, unsupported cargo handling, quick cabin reconfiguration and extended range.

This tour has highlighted the versatility, range, and capacity that the C295W offers operators to serve remote communities.

For an overview of C295W in action, check out our photo and video galleries!