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Competence Center for Tactical UAS, Service and Cargo Loading Systems

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Protection from above

Airbus DS Airborne Solutions GmbH (ADAS) has developed Unmanned Aerial Systems for more than 30 years. Today, we are the competence center within Airbus Defence and Space for Tactical Unmanned Systems providing tailor made solutions for your specific requirements.

Unmanned solutions from ADAS are suitable for

  • Airborne intelligence
  • Surveillance, and
  • Reconnaissance missions.

All systems share a similar architecture, which allows the use of common elements like the ground control station for operation with different platforms. With different sensor options you have the opportunity to tailor the system configuration to your specific needs. Not wanting to operate a system by your own? In that case please take a look at our solutions for UAS services.

KZO UAS: Tactical unmanned aircraft for high speed reconnaissance missions with little prior warning. The KZO is a tactical UAS with a powerful 2AirborneProducts_KZO-stroke gasoline engine.

  • Especially suited for high speed reconnaissance missions.
  • Gathered information is immediately available and can quickly be distributed.
  • KZO can operate to a distance of up to 140 km with a 35 kg payload for up to 5.5 hours at a time.

For more reasons why to choose KZO, click here.


Tailored solutions for your unmanned aircraft Operations

Airbus DS Airborne Solutions GmbH (ADAS) is offering Unmanned Aerial Systems for more than 30 years today; we provide tailored UAS solutions to your business and specific needs in the full range from consulting to full operation.


As an example, Airbus DS Airborne Solutions GmbH is operating the MALE system HERON1 on behalf of the German Air Force in Afghanistan. In response to the urgent need in Afghanistan, the German Armed Forces signed a service contract with ADAS at the end of 2009 for the SAATEG (System zur abbildenden Aufklärung in der Tiefe des Einsatzgebietes – System for imaging reconnaissance deep in the area of operations).

In an extremely short time Airbus DS Airborne Solutions GmbH supplied Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) for long range reconnaissance in Afghanistan and is managing the entire logistical support and the maintenance for the system in the theatre of operations with its own staff. On the industrial side, a monthly number of flight hours and availability are guaranteed.

Own deployment – UAS training responsibility of Airbus

The German Air Force is responsible for the deployment of the unmanned aerial reconnaissance system in operational missions, whilst the training of Air Force staff falls to Airbus DS Airborne Solutions GmbH. Since 2010 more than 2.500 missions with more than 33.000 flight hours were successfully carried out in this program. This is excellent example of how UAS Services can be integrated into the operations of armed forces.

UAS CONSULTING – How to set up unmanned aircraft solutions

Consulting is the first step in getting into the UAS business. In order to set up an UAS organization, ADAS is providing you advice and assistance in all technical, logistical and legal aspects.

Contents of the UAS Consulting are:

  • Analysis of your existing or desired UAS portfolio.
  • Requirement analysis and the system design related to this. ADAS is able to offer support with bidand contract documents, supplier management, system qualification and certification and system implementation
  • Integrated logistical support (documentation, obsolescence management, spares / repairs, maintenance…).

With workshops ADAS is capable to establish your awareness for legal questions of air law and air worthiness and even the importance of the weather for UAS operations. UAS consulting also consist of assistance with building up the infrastructure needed.

Furthermore ADAS is able to assist in integrating an UAS into your existing command and control system. This capability we have shown with integrating KZO into the German Artillery’s ADLER – System. In this context assistance in BigDataManagement is possible.

UAS TRAINING CENTER – Driving school of Unmanned Aircraft Systems


The training of UAS personnel will be done in close cooperation with your existing training organization. ADAS is providing training solutions for the whole UAS organization:

  • Air Vehicle Operators (AVO).
  • Payload Operators (PO).
  • Maintenance Personnel.
  • Mission Commanders and any other personnel involved (e.g. the “ground crew”).

The Training of AVO can be compared with a driving school. The aim of such training is the license for operating an UAS. Our experience in training, especially for Heron 1 and KZO is a major benefit to our customers. For other UAS a ‘train the trainers’ program can be set up with the OEM, as part of the contracts.

Unmanned aircraft training in cooperative mode

For PO-Training ADAS optimal solution would be to use OEM for training of the “pure” operating of payloads image interpreting and data analysis requires consulting experts with military background.

Simulators offer interesting option for mission and procedure training for AVOs and POs is applicable not only for the initial training but also for maintaining the capabilities (and licenses). Airbus Defence and Space have experience and solutions in this area. We are developing a generic UAS simulator.

UAS training includes various areas where we cooperate with third parties:

  • "Soft skills” such as human factors, air law and others.
  • Training an existing organization for the specific areas of flight safety and certification of UAS/UAV.
  • Training of maintenance personnel.

UAS SUPPORT CENTER – Supporting Unmanned Aircraft customers


The UAS Support Center provides integrated logistical support for customer owned systems. This consists of:

  • Documentation.
  • Obsolescence Management.
  • Spares / Repairs.
  • Consumables and maintenance.

That includes the preparation of the UAV for its missions (pre - and post-flight checks). This is suitable for clients who own UAS but do not wish to bind the resources or the capabilities for providing the logistical support and the maintenance needed.

SAATEG program is an excellent example of the support services ADAS is able to offer. In addition to that we can cover the areas of:

  • Transportation.
  • Provision of fuels and lubricants.
  • Setting up the infrastructure needed.
  • Technical expertise includes the capabilities for Line and Depot Level-maintenance.

Full service for operating UAS - UAS OPERATIONS CENTER


When provisioning UAS Operation Center first tasks are

  • 1. Requirement analysis
  • 2. System or solution design

Afterwards the Center consists of the full service for the operation of an UAS. ADAS has experience on carrying out the mission itself from SAATEG-project.

Airbus DS Airborne Solutions GmbH carries out all three aspects:

  • Logistics.
  • Maintenance.
  • Carrying out the mission. AVOs and POs are employees of ADAS.

Output: data and the information the customer requests.

Readiness to operate – training between missions

Maintaining the capabilities of their armed forces in this field between two missions or until the procurement of a system is a concern for countries using MALE UAS in Out Of Area – missions in a leasing model. This related to both capabilities of the UAS crews and also of the capabilities of the personnel requesting the gathered information. ADAS is capable of offering preservation of these capabilities:

  • Maintaining of licenses of the UAS crews
  • Training, including use of simulator and use of aircraft with reconnaissance configuration



ADAS’ advanced cargo loading systems help increase both costeffectiveness and operational efficiency of passenger, freighter and military aircraft.


Airbus DS Airborne Solutions GmbH is the world's leading supplier of cargo handling systems for commercial wide and narrow body and military applications.

More than ever, a fast loading and unloading of the cargo compartment is of highest importance to customers. An advanced cargo loading system helps increase both:

  • Cost-effectiveness and
  • Operational efficiency of aircraft.

Use cargo handling systems for:

  • Loading and unloading of nearly all kinds of materials whether it's pallets, vehicles, helicopters, boats or lifting devices,
  • Moving cargo through an aircraft fuselage.

The cargo loading system activities started with the first wide body Airbus – the A300 B2/B4. Airbus DS Airborne Solutions GmbH is since that time delivering the cargo loading conveyance system for the largest existing Airbus aircraft – the A380 series.

Since its Entry-Into-Service with Singapore Airlines all A380's are equipped with cargo loading system by Airbus DS Airborne Solutions GmbH.

In cooperation with Ancra International, Airbus DS Airborne Solutions GmbH has also stepped inside the market of Boeing 747400 conversions in cooperation with Ancra International.

Choose your cargo loading system for:

  • Passenger aircraft: State of the art equipment for cargo loading systems.
  • Freighter aircraft: Efficient and time saving cargo handling for main and lower deck.
  • Military aircraft: Safe operations with cargo hold systems.

For more information about cargo loading systems, please email to info@airbusds-airborne.com  

Cargo loading systems for passenger aircraft

Airbus DS Airborne Solutions GmbH’ advanced cargo loading system for passenger aircraft helps you to stay prepared and plan ahead. Maintenance needs can be identified while the plane is still in the air, thus saving time in repair.

AirborneProducts_07Why choose cargo loading system for passenger aircraft?

Flexible: adapts to different cargo compartment sizes and saves on weight of wiring.

Saves time in repair: identifies maintenance needs while the plane is still in the air.

Automatic pallet turning: permits optimum use of the rear cargo hold.

Powerful: allows independent elevation of the power drive unit (“Lift”) and turning of the roller (“Force”).

The compartment control box is the heart of the cargo loading system. It Provides the central power for the overall system, Controls and monitors the power drive units (PDUs) in the cargo door area (ballmat).

The compartment control box is also the interface to the outside and inside control panels. It is an innovation introduced in the Airbus A340500/600 aircraft, fitted in the ceiling panel of the ballmat area.

The number of sector control boxes used depends on the size of the cargo compartment. These boxes are responsible for locally controlling the drive units in individual sectors, using incoming signals from the proximity switches and container/pallet sensors for ULDsensing.

Learn more: Cargo Loading System – Airbus A340 (PDF file, 382 KB)

Prepared ahead

The maintenance display unit (MDU) is a basic component for lower deck cargo loading system architecture. It

  • Indicates malfunctions of individual components to enable efficient troubleshooting,
  • Communicates with the onboard maintenance system (OMS) via a specially developed control box, which interlinks all systems of the aircraft to a central computer.

This makes it possible to monitor the status of the cargo hold subsystems, for example, from the cockpit. Even while the plane is still in the air, the airline will be able to identify where problems have occurred. A spare part can be ordered in good time and installed, ideally without any delay, after the aircraft has landed.

Learn more: Cargo Loading SystemAirbus A380 aircraft (PDF file, 281 KB)

Automatic pallet turning

The cargo loading system has an automatic rotation process for the pallets and containers. This “pallet turning” feature permits optimum use of the rear cargo hold.

Twice the power

The cargo handling system's power drive units (PDUs) move the cargo containers into and out of the airplane. Unlike conventional models, these drives have two motors, which allow independent elevation of the power drive unit (“Lift”) and turning of the roller (“Force”). For more information about cargo loading systems, please email to info@airbusds-airborne.com


ADAS’ cargo loading system for freighter aircraft is based on the successful lower deck applications for passenger aircraft. This includes the ability to turn 30 tonnes pallets remotely, for example.


Why choose cargo loading system for freighter aircraft?

Powerful: turns 30 tonnes pallets remotely.

Proven capability: fleet operators worldwide benefit from the cargo loading system by Airbus DS Airborne Solutions GmbH.

Versatile: supports various types of aircraft.

Certified quality: has been certified by the European Aviation Safety Association (EASA) and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

ADAS’ cargo loading system for the main and upper decks is based on successful lower deck applications. This includes:

  • The ability to turn 30 tonnes pallets remotely.

Field proven

Based on the success of Airbus DS Airborne Solutions GmbH lower deck systems for passenger aircraft, airlines are identifying the need to incorporate the solution into their freighter fleet.

Air Hongkong, for example, benefits from the cargo loading system by Airbus DS Airborne Solutions GmbH for their A300600F aircraft.

Technology proven

In cooperation with the Ancra International, Airbus DS Airborne Solutions GmbH supplies the main deck cargo loading system for the Boeing special freighter conversion program of IAI in Tel Aviv.

One of the main design aspects was the usage of proven hardware technologies in combination with adaptation of Boeing handling procedures in the field of software. The 747400 Special Freighter Conversion Program at IAI has seen a firm number of aircraft been converted within the recent years.

The partnership combines huge experience in aftermarket with excellent expertise in the field of the OEMmarket offering the airlines reliable and efficient cargo loading and cargo loading control systems.

Learn more: Main deck cargo loading system – Boeing B747400SF aircraft (PDF file, 443 KB)

Certified proven

The cargo loading system has been certified by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). It comprises

  • Various controller units for power control and local control of nonsteerable and steerable PDUs,
  • Numerous control panels to be arranged in the full length of the cargo compartment.

Airbus DS Airborne Solutions GmbH is also responsible for the wiring of the entire cargo loading system.

For more information about cargo loading systems, please email to info@airbusds-airborne.com


Airbus DS Airborne Solutions’ cargo hold system for military aircraft is especially suited for humanitarian support and interventions by international organisations that require substantial logistic resources.


Why choose cargo hold systems for military aircraft?

Easy to operate. Both electrically and electronically.

Reliable: ensures safe and efficient loading of the plane.

Flexible: enables effective control and navigation of numerous interface systems.

Humanitarian support and interventions by international organizations require the mobilization of substantial logistic resources.

The modern military transport aircraft – such as the new A400M versatile airlifter for the 21st century require a cargo hold system, which is easy to operate and completely reliable. Both electrically and electronically.

From ground to air

The loadmaster control system serves as the electronic brain of the entire cargo hold.

  • On the ground, the system ensures safe and efficient loading of the plane.
  • In the air, the loadmaster enables effective control and navigation of numerous interface systems.

For example, the loadmaster workstation and the other operating panels permit to drop cargo while the aircraft is in flight – one of the main missions of the A400M military aircraft.

For more information about cargo hold systems, please email to info@airbusds-airborne.com

 Download : brochure Cargo hold System A400M Military Aicraft transport