C295 - the most versatile and efficient Tactical Transport aircraft

Today’s Armed Forces have increasing demands for various air transport missions. And no matter what the requirements for an operation are, the C295 stands ready to conduct its mission sucessfully.




C295 Variants

Armed/Ground ISR

An Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance version with a multi-mission radar that can also be weaponized to conduct effective Close-Air-Support operations.

Water Bomber

A versatile Roll-on / Roll-off system converts the C295 into an efficient Water Bomber to fight forest fires with up to 7000 litres of water or retardant.


Its reliable long time on station in combination with its Fully Integrated Tactical System (FITS) make the C295 the perfect platform for Maritime Patrol and Anti-Submarine Warfare missions.


Complete interception of electromagnetic (ELINT) and communication (COMINT) emissions to obtain a high level of situational awareness and to generate an intelligence advantage.


In its Airborne Early Warning version the C295 carries a state-of-the-art AESA radar for 360 Degrees coverage to provide a full picture of the airspace.

Air-to-Air Refueling

With a removable refueling kit, the C295 can be easily transformed into a tanker aircraft that is able to provide up to 6000kg of fuel to fixed and rotary wing receivers.

VIP Transport

With its palletized VIP-seat modules the C295 brings a high level of comfort to short / unpaved airstrips in remote areas where usual VIP aircraft cannot land.

Medical Evacuation

In its MEDEVAC configuration the C295 can fit up to 24 stretchers plus 7 medical attendants and even intensive care configurations are possible.

With 6.0 t of payloadrange of 2,000 nm
Up to 11 hours in the air
Repeated orders from 12 out of 25 customers
71 troops and 50 paratroops and 5 pallets

Did You Know

Orders and Deliveries

Total Orders
Total Deliveries
Total in Operation

Fact and Figures

The C295 has the lowest operating costs in its category.


The C295 has been to both poles of the Earth last year, flying more than 68.000 km along the American continents with a reliability rate of 100%

C295 In Operation

The C295 is fitted with a fully integrated tactical system (FITS) for mission control


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