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Security Solutions
A Global leader in Security Projects

Airbus Defence and Space stands out amongst its competitors in providing innovative technology and reliable security services. Our aim is to unite three businesses - land and maritime border security, critical national infrastructure protection and site security services - into one thereby, fulfilling the requirements of the security market today and in the future with the latest technology and most attractive service packages.


Combining our heritage in the defence-driven C4ISR domain of Airbus Defence and Space and the expertise of Signalis in the maritime security sector, Security Solutions serves the diverse operational needs of border security and critical infrastructure protection by providing solutions and services needed to fulfil everyday missions. Security Solutions addresses the following business areas:

  • Maritime Safety & Security (VTS, CSS, CIP (mainly harbours)
  • Integrated Security Solutions (Actacor® capability pillars)
  • Managed Services (BOOM Model for military site protection)
More than 15,000 kmof Secured Coastal and Land Borders
4 Capability Pillarsin our Actacor® Portfolio
#1 Worldwidein integrated Border Security systems
A Full Range of Solutionsfrom Systems to Services

Discover the Airbus Defence and Space Security Solutions Portfolio to protect Land and Maritime Borders


Capability Pillars


- Integrated Surveillance Solutions

- 24x7 high-quality surveillance

- Solutions adaptable on costumers needs

- Integration of Airborne/Space based surveillance platforms


- Elaborate an accurate real-time picture of the situation

- Assess the threat

- Evaluate risk & resources

- Take appropriate decision

- Organise & lead action


- 24x7 mission readiness for mobile forces

- Support border guards to counter all kinds of threats coming by land, sea or air

- Smart Fences, equipped with sensors to detect intrusion attemps and alert intervention teams

- Fast and effective response

Actacor - Service Capabilities

- ActaShape : Build the best system for your needs

- ActaTrain : Learn and improve your Operation Performance

- ActaCare : "Through-life" support for your mission