The Airbus Defence and Space Comprehensive Portfolio of Security Solutions

Under the name of Actacor®, the Security Solutions portfolio includes both new and legacy technical components and infrastructures with concepts of operation and adapted processes. Services needed by our customers for long-term sustainable operation and life-cost optimisation such as simulation, training, maintenance, local operational support and know-how transfer are all part of the Actacor® portfolio.


Persistent Security

Illegal migration, illegal trafficking of goods (drugs, arms, etc.), terrorist attacks, piracy… In order to fight against all these threats, Airbus Defence and Space offers our customers an end-to-end range of solutions. With its vast experience in providing reliable, mature and cost-effective products and services which fit customer needs, one company stands out amongst all others in the successful implementation of large integrated land and maritime border security projects. That company is Airbus Defence and Space.

24x7 high-quality surveillancewith ActaSense
24x7 operations and planningwith ActaLead
24x7 readiness for mobile forceswith ActaAct
End-to-end customers supportwith Actacor - Services Capabilities