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Performance based in services


Military Aircraft Services packaged solutions are sets of value-added combinations of services offering you a complete end-to-end solution all along the value chain that is tailored to your specific needs.

As an aircraft manufacturer, Military Aircraft Services provides a unique combination of technical and business excellence, including integration and infrastructures services, to support you in:

  • Transport services
  • Intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) services
  • Air-to-air refuelling services
  • Firefighting services


FISS is the performance-based solution that has being developed by Military Aircraft Services to provide the customer with performance-driven solutions for several levels of services.

Each package is comprised of service modules that will precisely fulfil the customer’s needs and performance requirements.

  • Level 1 – FISS Material provides material availability
  • Level 2 – FISS Fleet provides aircraft availability
  • Level 3 – FISS Mission provides mission performance availability

Military Aircraft Services also provides the customer with the option of customising the FISS solution by adding or removing modular services to the standard FISS levels.