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DVF2000 VTDVF 2000 VT is a short-range mini UAS/UAV with a low noise electric motor. It is an unmanned aircraft especially suited for maritime and land surveillance.

Two operators can deploy this unmanned aircraft system, also in unprepared areas and at sea.

Info DVFOperational area:

DVF 2000 VT can operate up to a distance of 40 km with a 1.1 kg payload and 1,5 hours of autonomy.

Use DVF 2000 VT for:

  • Maritime surveillance.
  • Protection and surveillance of urban and other high-density areas.
  • Monitoring critical infrastructure and major events.
  • Convoy and VIP protection.
  • Harbours and coastal surveillance
  • Border surveillance.
  • Agricultural surveillance.
  • Reconnaissance, surveillance and target acquisition.
  • Providing image and communications intelligence.
  • Search and rescue

Meeting diverse user needs:

The DVF 2000 VT mini UAS is ideal for a wide range of maritime, land and civil applications. It can be launched by catapult from a vessel at sea, and recovered in a net or a cable. Furthermore it is equipped with skids to allow landing on hard surfaces.

Light but rugged

DVF2000_2_jpgDVF 2000 VT is small and light, weighing up to 11 kg. Yet, its rugged design makes it deployable in all weather conditions, and harsh terrain.

DVF 2000 VT offers cross wind resistance of 15m/s. It also operates in temperatures as high as +50°C – very important for our customers in hot countries.


Fully autonomous

Some aerial vehicles require constant piloting from the ground and cannot be operated without clear visual contact. This is not the case for DVF 2000 VT.

DVF 2000 VT is fully autonomous. It follows a flightplan defined before or during flight by the operator.  The ground control station (GCS) allows the operator to control the aircraft also manually.

Innovative payload concept:

DVF 2000 VT has a plug-and-play interface that allows rapid integration of custom payloads.  The payload (daylight or infrared camera) is integrated in a gyro-stabilized gimbal, which reduces the impact of aircraft movement. This allows the operator to steadily point to the target or the scene of interest.

Preparing for threats:

Want to train your operational teams safely and effectively? The “weSim” training simulator allows you to fly the DVF 2000 VT in a virtual 3-D environment under real-time conditions.

The simulation system allows you to accomplish a complete mission – from takeoff to landing. It is an ideal tool for training and mission preparation.

Field proven:

Tested and proven in combat, the DVF 2000 VT is in service in many armed and special forces throughout the world. For more information about DVF 2000 VT, please email to airbus-ds-uasmarketing@airbus.com.

Why choose DVF 2000 VT?

  • Versatile: can be used for a range of maritime, land and civil applications.
  • Robust: offers cross wind resistance of 15m/s, operates in temperatures from 0°C up to +50°C.
  • Easy to control: can be controlled either manually from the ground control station or autonomously.
  • Flexible: offers multiple take-off and landing options.
  • Easy to operate: does not need a prepared area for take off and landing. Easy take-off owing to its catapult. Easy landing in restricted area or on a ship owing to the net recovery system.