FEMALE_3The result of a risk-reduction study undertaken to analyse and elaborate requirements for the German, Spanish and French armed forces, European UAS is a long-endurance aerial drone system designed for surveillance, reconnaissance and target acquisition.

Equipped with high-tech payloads, what makes this approach a breakthrough is the modular design of the drone (broad payload bay, ground control station), its integration in a network-centric environment and in air traffic generally with the ultimate goal of certification. The main purpose of the European UAS is to provide wide-area ground and maritime surveillance along with reconnaissance of specific areas to assist commanders in the theatre of operations.

Its main operational functions include:

  • Ground and maritime surveillance
  • Daytime or infrared target reconnaissance and identification
  • Operations support
  • Integration in C4I (Command, Control, Communication, Computer and Intelligence)
  • Integration in air traffic

Ground or on-board segment:

  • Modular, interoperable system of ground stations (EU / UN & NATO) permitting remote deployment via SATCOM


EuropeanUAS_MaritimeSystem capability:

  • Designed for operation in non-segregated airspace
  • Extended range of action and high speed coverage of the mission area
  • Heightened sensor capability and payload bay volume make it easy to integrate new capabilities


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