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Zephyr, the High Altitude Pseudo-Satellite


Zephyr is a High Altitude Pseudo-Satellite (HAPS) that fills a capability gap between satellites and UAVs:

  • runs exclusively on solar power
  • flies above the weather and above commercial air traffic.

Replacing one conventional UAV with just one Zephyr  would save 2,000 tons of fuel each year.

Uniquely designed for both military and commercial purposes, Zephyr can deliver numerous payload capabilities across two platforms.  Zephyr S with its ability to carry payloads, offering voice, data communications both line of sight and beyond the line of sight, and line of sight high resolution optical imagery.   Zephyr T carrying larger payloads offers the ability to bring more active payloads to the fore; for example, widespread, persistent internet coverage to remote areas of the globe, and active RADAR.  Together they enable real-time mapping, internet and a number of surveillance opportunities to meet a broad range of requirements.


The Zephyr family

Zephyr S
Zephyr T

Airbus has two variants of the Zephyr designed to accommodate a variety of payload capacities.

Zephyr S is the name of the production variant of the Zephyr 8 vehicle.

The larger size of the Zephyr T (Twin) vehicle enables it to accommodate payloads with larger masses and continuous power in excess of 300W to accommodate for example RADAR, LIDAR,ESM/ELINT and Broadband CommsA key feature of the Zephyr family is that they share common avionics, software, power flosystems, propulsion design and command and control and aero-structural design and elements. This means that production of the larger vehicle follows closely on the success of the Zephyr S.

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Use Zephyr S for:

  • Maritime & Border surveillance
  • Environmental surveillance
  • In-theatre C4ISTAR relay
  • Missile detection
  • Navigation
  • Ad-hoc communication bandwith
  • Continuous imagery
  • Many further …

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