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C295 Service Center in Warsaw

Scope of work

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This Project has been covered according to Offsets Obligation of Airbus in Poland to provide Services for the C295 worldwide: Certified Service Center for C295 under Aircraft Manufacturer licnse.

The Service Center MRO is able to provide Services for the Polish Air Force, and other Customers,
such as:
  • Periodical major overhaul (8Y).
  • Lower levels of maintenance.
  • Non-programmed maintenance. Emergency repairs.
  • CAMO Services.
  • Overhaul & Reapir of LRU´s management.
  • Maintenance training.
  • Mangement of Spare parts – Logistic Supply Chain.
  • Support to maintenance for Ground Support Equipment.
  • LRU & systems assembly and disassembly.
  • MRO services abroad.
  • Training for auxiliary systems (e.g.: medical equipment…)
  • Refreshment training: Updates and improvements.
  • Logistic solutions for Spare Parts & Repairable shipped to Costumers.

Infrastructure, competences and skills


Only 2 Service Centre C295 in Europe: Seville & Warsaw.

MaintenanceCenter for other Airbus Products, working either in Seville or Warsaw.

The hangar B2 Okecie site has been equiped with

  • Two Works Stations.
  • Ground Support Equipments.
  • Tooling and personal equipments.
  • Conditions of Temperature, Humidity and Ground.
  • Updated Documentation and Maintenace Manuals

Our workforce:

  • 20 Technicians licensed by Aircraft Manufacturer
  • Support Functions in Poland: Maintenance Engineering, Quaility, Logistic, Supply Chanin.

Aviation Services business unit in Mielec


Aviation Services business unit in Mielec offers services as follows:

  • Agroaviation.
  • Fire-protection and fire-fighting.
  • Patrolling.
  • Pilot and mechanic training.
  • Maintenace and repairs of aircarft.

For  more information please visit: http://pl.zua.com.pl/